Home Loan – in Which Loan Companies Will We Get it?

Is it possible to get a loan without leaving home and without having a bank account? It is possible, such a loan is a home loan, known not from today..

It would seem that the home loan is a thing of the past, and yet some of you are still looking for this form of obtaining extra cash. However, this applies mainly to the elderly, who on the one hand do not trust modern electronic methods. On the other hand, they do not have the opportunity to visit the facility in order to complete the formalities related to the loan.

What exactly is a home loan?

What exactly is a home loan?

This form of lending became popular in our country with the appearance of the Provident company at the beginning of the last decade. To obtain such a loan, you should contact the loan company by phone (currently you can also submit an application via the Internet), which will send an employee to us the same day or the next day. Which directly in the place of our residence will complete all the formalities related to the loan. So we can arrange a specific day and a specific time of visit and the necessary cash will be delivered directly to your home. The repayment of the loan installment is made not by a bank transfer, as is the case with bank loans or payday loans, and directly at our place of residence. At a previously agreed date, the employee of the loan company will come to us and receive each subsequent installment of the loan. Most home loans are available for repayment in weekly installments.

Higher home loan costs

Higher home loan costs

What you need to know about home loans is much higher. Both compared to cash loans available in the bank or even non-bank loans offered via the internet. In the case of home loans we incur additional costs related to home service. And so both for providing us with cash to the place of residence as well as for receiving each installment of a loan with us at home. The cost of such a loan is usually the second as much as the amount borrowed, so if you borrow 1000 PLN to be repaid, we can have 2000 zlotys, if we want to borrow 2000 zlotys, even 4000 zlotys, etc.


This company is undoubtedly the oldest company operating on the domestic market offering home loans. Although currently the company’s offer also includes modern forms of obtaining cash, available entirely through Internet channels, the home loan is still available in their offer. This proposal can be used by both young people from the age of 18, as well as seniors who rarely drop their places of residence. Home loans in the Providence include loans from PLN 300 to even PLN 15,000, with a repayment period in a weekly cycle from 30 to 90 weeks.


The company which mainly specialized in home loans and so far had an offer very similar to the Provident offer. Currently, the company’s offer includes home delivery loans from PLN 500 with a repayment period of 25, 35, 44, 52 and 62 weeks. Loans are granted to adults aged 18 to 75 years. With permanent check-in and monthly income, also for self-employed persons and farmers.

Home Credit

Another company that offers a home loan is Home Credit, offering its clients loans from 100 to 10,000 PLN. The loan installments can be repaid in weekly installments from 21 to 75 weeks. The initial decision to grant a loan is given over the phone and the loan may be granted to people aged 18 to 75 whose minimum income is PLN 500 net a month. If we have the right creditworthiness, the day after submitting the application, the company will send to us an employee who will write a contract with us on the spot and give us cash.


The last of the companies presented today is EuroCreditend. The company which, like all names today, serves clients throughout Poland. In their offer, we can find home loans from PLN 100 to PLN 10,000 with repayment periods in a weekly cycle from 21 to 72 weeks. A home loan is available for adults who can testify their income by presenting a certificate of income.

Giro check – a loan to be picked up at the post office

Another loan proposal may be a loan that we will not receive either to your bank account or be delivered to your home. On the other hand, it will reach the nearest post office, where we can pick it up. Such a solution has a much greater advantage than home loans, because the cost of a loan in such a case may be lower. Provided that we choose the right company that does not exaggerate with high loan costs. And you must know that we do not incur any additional fees for the option of delivering a loan to the post office. I had the opportunity to discuss the subject of such loans in an article describing loans without a bank account. You will be able to read in it with additional information about loans using the Giro check. As well as get to know specific companies in which it is possible to obtain such a loan.